SCMG Swim Lessons:2022

We are offering private swim lessons this season in July. the schedule is not yet made but should  be out some time in July due to staffing shortages Each private swim lesson session is 30 minutes each for four lessons.  We are allowing up to one sibling of a similar age group and swim ability to join a session.  Each private swim session (of 4 lessons) cost $185.  If adding an extra sibling, the cost is an additional $65.  Members will use the Jumbula swim lesson link to sign up and pay for the session they choose.

Member must be in good standing to attend the private swim lessons.  They will need to create a Jumbula account to access the sessions via the link.  Once they click on the session they would like, they add the participant (child) to their account, include the required participant’s information, read and accept the Swim Lesson Waiver, and pay for their session.  Members should pay attention to the Swim Lesson Waiver for all guidelines pertaining to the swim lessons.





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